About us

We are not only another fitness club! We are Individual.Fitness. We love Fitness and healthy lifestyle.

We are fully committed to give you our help, keep you active and stay motivated. Join us and push your limits.

Feel the difference?

Our fully equipped club meets the highest standards of modern fitness from top PANATTA Sport machines, EMS equipment, through experienced trainers, nutrition consultants to clean and comfortable environment.

We have everything ready to help you achieve your goals as quick and pleasant as possible.

Our Mission

We are a Fitness Club that wants to live with you and for you. Together with a team of experienced trainers and people who love their lives we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere and training conditions that contribute to your good physical condition, healthy lifestyle and, last but not least, psychological comfort.

No matter if you want to lose a weight or build muscles, we are ready to help everyone individually according to your personal needs. Just come and feel the difference.

We have solution for everyone

Our target is a long-term cooperation so we operate club membership. We offer unlimited access membership or specials for students, mothers on maternity leave or seniors. First of all we need to know how your body works, what is your goal and time frame for workouts.

Based on this we propose optimal membership, nutrition menu and training plan. While you start working on yourself, we are always next to you to give you a hand and help.

Everyone is hero for us!

Believe that we really do not judge whether you’re carrying extra kilos or if you need to gain weight or firm up, because each of you is a hero just because you want to do something and we want to help you feel better. Just come and talk to us briefly.

We will propose optimal membership and training plan. Then it is up to you whether you decide to fulfill your goals together with our trainer or yourself.

We look forward to you!

Our team

Our team consist of professional trainers and nutrition specialists who live fitness lifestyle. We work with our body and soul to give you not only training but also piece of our vision. We believe that in nowadays rush everybody needs to switch off and make his body work physically. Release endorphins and stop thinking about anything. Relax your sole while your body works hard. You will get motivated. You set up your target and follow the way with our team to reach it. You will find a satisfaction and happiness that everything is possible. Life is never ending training, so listen to your heart and come to start live healthy lifestyle.

IF team 04 2021