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Your journey to fitness lifestyle starts with body composition analysis. Our personal trainers will analyze your body building, amount of muscles, fat and minerals with InBody 230.

This analysis takes a few minutes.

Trainer explains you a lot of precise information about your body composition. Then you sit down and talk about your current lifestyle and your new goal what you want to change.

All of these information help the trainer to prepare individual training plan including nutrition menu.

You can always choose whether you want to train by yourself or with our help and leading.

Body composition analysis

InBody results are always explained by our trainers. You get to know your muscle-fat analysis, Obesity analysis, Weight control, Segmental fat analysis, total body water and minerals. The InBody test is 98% accurate, 99% of the time!

Training plan & nutrition menu

Personal training plan is prepared according to your InBody results and lifestyle. Training is half of success without correct eating habits and nutrition. We include nutrition menu according to your blood group to your entry package. You will not suffer, you just give the body nutrition that is necessary. You can always consult your eating habits with our trainers.

Plan realization

We have several experienced trainers who are always happy to help you with trainings. You can join group training lessons or train by your own. You decide how you reach your new goals.