2nd birthday Individual.Fitness

2nd birthday Individual.Fitness

Very special day is coming! @individual.fitness celebrates its second birthday!

Are you going to celebrate with us? Everybody will find some time to celebrate with us because we are celebrating the whole week.


4.3. – 10.3.2019

You should write a note to your diary, because very varied program is waiting for you.

You can come to burn some calories not just in our gym. In our schedule there is going to be much more group lessons where you can meet our awesome trainers, our great team and meet new friends.

You can try Virtual lessons! We are the only ones who provide this kind of lesson in the Czech Republic. Why don´t you try something new?

We are working on some interesting seminars, where you can learn how to work out correctly and we will teach you about healthy diet.

We are also working on some competitions where you can win great prizes for better and easier start.

Are you too busy? In this special week you can come and try EMS training which takes only 20 minutes. For sure, you will clear your mind, calm yourself down and stretch your muscles. And step by step you put aside disbalance and back pain.

There is also going to be something delicious to eat.

We are working on this program very hard. Soon you will find out much more. So stay with us and check our Instagram, Facebook and this event..

We are looking forward to you!