Hormonal Yoga Therapy – One-day seminar

Hormonal Yoga Therapy – One-day seminar

During one-day seminar, you will learn the whole set of Hormonal Yoga Therapy, which you can easily practice at home.

The whole set of therapy exersises takes about 30 minutes. You do not have to worry if you havent experienced any Yoga before. You can easily learn all techniques just by practising.

Hot Yoga Therapy contains special exercises to harmonize hormones in your body with aim to avoid unpleasant symptoms of menopause and also to help with other problems such as polycystic ovaries, premenstrual syndrome or infertility.

In addition Hormonal Yoga Therapy:

  • support your overall health
  • increase the elasticity of your body
  • increase mobility of joints
  • strengthen the lungs
  • detoxifies the organism
  • improve metabolism
  • increases immunity and helps rejuvenate body and mind

Hormonal Yoga Therapy by Šárka Simonides, Dinah Rodrigues’ leading certified Hearing Yoga Teacher for Women, Men and Diabetics. Šárka was a direct student of Dinah Rodrigues, who is the only one in the world to publish HYT certificates.


➡When ⬅

  • 17.2.2019
  • 10:00 – 18:00


➡Where ⬅

  • Individual.Fitness s.r.o., 28. Rijna 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava


➡Price ⬅

  • CZK 2,900 / person