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28. Října 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava


Healthy back lessons help you to strengthen the entire body, increase flexibility, balance muscle imbalances, improve joint mobility, remove back pain and relieve stress. The lesson is not limited by age, gender, or weight. Exercise is also suitable for women after birth, seniors, athletes, or people with sedentary occupations.

Private: Marek PolachProfile

CERTIFICATION: Instructor fitness II. class (Yoda institut) Functional and healthy limbs (Fitness Institute) Mobility I. stability and power ( Fitness Institut) Mobility II. flexibility with stretching (Fitness Institute) Basic Nutrition in Fitness (Fitness Institute) Core Training I. - Activation, Breath,Stand (Fitness Institute) Core Training II. - foot, palm, squats, walking (Fitness Institute) EMS Miha Bodytec Compensation Exercise (Fitness Institute) Kinesiological tapping in practice I. - basic (Yoda institute) Manual Therapy of Soft Techniques + Mobilization (Yoda Institute) Fyzioflossing in practice (Yoda Institute) Functional Training I - Activation of CORE (deep stabilization system) (Yoda Institute) Back pain (fitness institute) Strengthening in fitness for physiotherapists (Yoda Institute)

Juraj KubištaProfile

CERTIFICATION: Personal trainer in Fitness and Bodybuilding 1st level INFORM s.r.o., Bratislava, Race Walker Academy (Prerov city, CZ) EMS Miha Bodytec Functional diagnostics I. & II. – Fitness Institute CORE I +II. (Fitness Institut)