365 days
Start: 01 April 2018

16:00 - 17:00

28. Října 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava


Problem zones is a group training focused on fat burning in problem areas such as buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. It is calories burning exercise with higher heart rate frequency and intense strength training. Lesson consists of three parts – warming up, strengthening and shaping. During the lesson, all the problem areas are practiced. This training is not only a good choice for fat burning and body shaping, but also for increasing endurance, strength, physical fitness, acceleration of metabolism, reducing stress.

Marek PolachProfile

CERTIFICATION: Instructor fitness II. class (Yoda institut) Functional and healthy limbs (Fitness Institute) Mobility I. stability and power ( Fitness Institut) Mobility II. flexibility with stretching (Fitness Institute) Basic Nutrition in Fitness (Fitness Institute) Core Training I. - Activation, Breath,Stand (Fitness Institute) Core Training II. - foot, palm, squats, walking (Fitness Institute) EMS Miha Bodytec Compensation Exercise (Fitness Institute) Kinesiological tapping in practice I. - basic (Yoda institute) Manual Therapy of Soft Techniques + Mobilization (Yoda Institute) Fyzioflossing in practice (Yoda Institute) Functional Training I - Activation of CORE (deep stabilization system) (Yoda Institute) Back pain (fitness institute) Strengthening in fitness for physiotherapists (Yoda Institute)