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28. Října 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava


Race Walker is a fresh new aerobic group activity and is really suitable for everyone. The lesson takes place under the guidance of experienced and certified trainers. Walking on this simple treadmill without engine, is the most natural route to physical fitness, whether for pregnant women, overweight people, seniors or performance athletes. This exercise positively affects the blood circulation system, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and optimizes blood pressure. It’s a healthy movement that increases fitness, reduces body fat and relieves stress.

Aneta OpletalováProfile

CERTIFICATION: Fitness Instructor II. class (Yoda Institute) Race Walker Instructor (Prerov city)

Kamila LangerováProfile

CERTIFICATION: HEAT program level I. +II. HEAT circuit Race Walker (Prerov city) 2nd Level Fitness Trainer (Yoda Institut)

Zuzana FialováProfile

CERTIFICATION: Race Walker Instructor (Prerov City)

Barbora SvatáProfile

CERTIFICATION: Fitness trainer (certificate Prosport Ostrava) Jumping instructor Deep stabilisation system - Core (certificate) Nutrition specialist Personal training focused on weight reduction and fitness styling EMS Miha Bodytec

Iveta JanekováProfile

CERTIFICATION: Sports and Reconditioning Massager (Silex Ostrava) Fitness Instructor II. class (Prosport Ostrava) Race Walker Instructor (Přerov) EMS Miha Bodytec