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Tabata is a cardiovascular training that significantly improves performance in a very short time. The exercise consists of six to seven 20-second exercises performed at 100%, interleaved with a rest period of 10 seconds. The key to efficiency in Tabata Exercise appears to be short rest periods between exercises. Tabata offers a quick way to get into the mold in just four minutes of intense exercise. This exercise requires solid physical fitness and good health condition.

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CERTIFICATION: Instructor fitness II. class (Yoda institut) Functional and healthy limbs (Fitness Institute) Mobility I. stability and power ( Fitness Institut) Mobility II. flexibility with stretching (Fitness Institute) Basic Nutrition in Fitness (Fitness Institute) Core Training I. - Activation, Breath,Stand (Fitness Institute) Core Training II. - foot, palm, squats, walking (Fitness Institute) EMS Miha Bodytec Compensation Exercise (Fitness Institute) Kinesiological tapping in practice I. - basic (Yoda institute) Manual Therapy of Soft Techniques + Mobilization (Yoda Institute) Fyzioflossing in practice (Yoda Institute) Functional Training I - Activation of CORE (deep stabilization system) (Yoda Institute) Back pain (fitness institute) Strengthening in fitness for physiotherapists (Yoda Institute)

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CERTIFICATION: Fitness trainer (certificate Prosport Ostrava) Jumping instructor Deep stabilisation system - Core (certificate) Nutrition specialist Personal training focused on weight reduction and fitness styling EMS Miha Bodytec