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18:30 - 19:00

28. Října 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava



BODYATTACK® is a sport-inspired cardio training focused on building strength and endurance. This high-energy training combines athletic and aerobic elements with strength and stabilization exercises. Accompanied by modern, motivational music, you will use a wide range of functional movements for effective training of the whole body.
For each movement, the lessons offer both basic and advanced, more strenuous variants. That’s why even beginners and well-trained athletes who want to achieve their fitness goals and have fun at the same time will come here.

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Tereza FrenkovaProfile

From an early age, I was attracted to all physical activities accompanied by music. I started dancing and singing competitively. In the last 3 years, my heart has gained fitness exercise. When I first tried the Les Mills - Bodyattack lesson. I fell in love in the first lesson. Bodyattack connects perhaps everything I like. We will dance to great music, maybe we will sing, but most of all we will incredibly lock it up and leave the destruction, it is full of endorphins. I am a person who loves challenges and does not like to give up something. I really like to improve in what I do. I am most inspired by people who are not afraid to be different from others and follow their dreams. My motto: Aim for the moon. Even if you pass it, you will end up among the stars.