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Is a combination of multiple exercises (8-12) without a break, on different muscle groups – as far apart as possible (the greatest acceleration of blood flow throughout the blood stream). The basic interval is 30 seconds, followed by a short, 15 seconds, pause to move to next station. In 1 training session you passes the circuit 3-4 times. Each station is made to train different muscle parts. The same circular training can be carried by a professional athlete and a beginner – the circles are challenging to the cardiovascular system (oxygenation of your muscles), the capacity of each individual being different. Everyone chooses the difficulty due to  speed and frequency of movement. Of course, you can add to the intensity with higher weights.

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Martin BaduraProfile

CERTIFICATION: Sports high school in the field of sports training Studying at the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Palacký University in Olomouc Faculty of Sports Management and Coaching TRX Suspension Training course – 3D Fitness Functional Training course – 3D Fitness Fitness trainer II. class (Ronnie)

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Barbora SvataProfile

Sport and movement is my daily task. At the age of 7 I started riding motocross and actively trained and raced until I was 14 years old. Since high school, I started attending group lessons. I built my first addiction to Jumping. This kind of sport with music is adrenaline and fulfillment for me. I took a jumping course and started leading my own lessons. Later, I became interested in the fitness exercises and individual workouts. I tried a number of lessons and exercise styles. I have found that this kind of work gives me energy and makes me happy. I thought this was the way I wanted to go. I completed a coaching course, sports seminars, nutrition seminars and started working as a coach and lecturer to the fullest. I love sports and my work, I like to spend time in nature, in the mountains and actively relax. I enjoy overcoming myself and working on my weaknesses.

Martin GumulakProfile

I changed my eating habits and approach to lifestyle and made great progress not only in my body but also in my life. I will be happy to offer you the same. My motto: Move because you can, not because you have to

Dominik PiskorProfile

I have enjoyed sports since I was a child and I knew that one day I would like to be active in it. In the end, despite all the possible activities, I ended up in fitness. Coaching engulfed me and became my job and hobby. At the moment, I am focusing on personal training and group lessons. What I like the most is strength training, in which I can relax and gain new insights.