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09:00 - 10:00

28. Října 3346/91, 702 00 Ostrava


Fitmum are lessons with a trained instructor with a special fitness program for mothers together with their children. It is an combination of cardio – body weight training, during which you exercise the whole body and your children will play at your side. The lesson is designed for all mothers from the completed puerperium up to 5 years of age.

Lessons can be attended within the membership or for a special discounted single entry of 125 CZK / lesson.

Kristyna TeplaProfile

I have been involved in sports since childhood and it mainly means relaxation and cheerful people around me. I started transferring my experience at university as a snowboarding instructor at the Bílá ski area in the Beskydy Mountains. I fell in love with the mountains in every season, and after starting work, I had them as a destination more and more often. My feet took me to the B7 mountain marathon, where we finished 3rd in the category. My favorite indoor activity for me is Krav Maga and compensatory yoga or pilates. During regular training, it was confirmed to me that the body is an incredibly powerful machine. However, we must listen to it well, and all the components must work just as well, because they are connected to each other. After completing the personal trainer course, I was more interested in training at-risk groups. Today I can help you with safe training during pregnancy and after childbirth. What do I like about sports and exercise? We never have to end it. We only choose a suitable physical activity corresponding to the current physical and mental state and mood. I agree with the motto: "The restrictions are for the people who have them, and the excuses are for the people who need them." "It's simple: If it shakes, it's fat." - Arnold Schwarzenegger