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Jumping® is a dynamic fitness lesson performed on specially developed Jumping trampolines. The basis is a combination of fast and slow jumps, dynamic sprints and strength elements in combination with balance elements for perfect cardio training.

Training on trampolines enables comprehensive strengthening of the muscles of the whole body, and is thus suitable not only for everyone who is trying to find an effective way to lose weight or increase physical condition. This type of fitness activity supports fast fat burning, ie favorable weight loss and prevention of health complications, but it is also suitable for convalescence after an injury or for joint problems.

Jumping has proven calming effects on the nervous system. Thanks to a combination of fun exercises, motivating music and specific movements, you will literally experience an endorphin infusion.

Nikol VinklerovaProfile

I look forward to seeing you in Jumping lessons, which I have been practising for 4 years, or now also in Racewalker lessons. I have always been involved in sports. I spent almost a decade on the floorball court, where I later devoted myself to children. Over time, my knee injury, together with my studies at university, took over, and I indulged in the desired break. I may discover the world of fitness for a while, but I believe that I am able to convey my enthusiasm and enthusiasm. In addition to fitness, I work as an electrical engineer. My journey is at the beginning and I'm sure I still have a lot ahead of me. I'm really looking forward to being a part of it :-)

Katerina HrabcovaProfile

I have been involved in jumping since 2013 as a client and since 2014 as a lecturer. I led my first lessons in fitness centers in Havířov, however, after that I decided to travel to the UK for a while, where Jumping was not so well known at the time. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun with Scottish jumpers and jumpers, but as the saying goes "Good everywhere, best at home!" It was in the UK that I successfully completed the Diet & Metabolism Specialist and Sports & Exercise Nutrition course, and after returning to the Czech Republic, I continued to expand my knowledge in the field of fitness group lessons. In addition to jumping, today I am engaged in circle training and group lessons with the involvement of aids.

Barbora SvataProfile

Sport and movement is my daily task. At the age of 7 I started riding motocross and actively trained and raced until I was 14 years old. Since high school, I started attending group lessons. I built my first addiction to Jumping. This kind of sport with music is adrenaline and fulfillment for me. I took a jumping course and started leading my own lessons. Later, I became interested in the fitness exercises and individual workouts. I tried a number of lessons and exercise styles. I have found that this kind of work gives me energy and makes me happy. I thought this was the way I wanted to go. I completed a coaching course, sports seminars, nutrition seminars and started working as a coach and lecturer to the fullest. I love sports and my work, I like to spend time in nature, in the mountains and actively relax. I enjoy overcoming myself and working on my weaknesses.