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race wall


Race Walker is a fresh new aerobic group activity and is really suitable for everyone. The lesson takes place under the guidance of experienced and certified trainers. Walking on this simple treadmill without engine, is the most natural route to physical fitness, whether for pregnant women, overweight people, seniors or performance athletes. This exercise positively affects the blood circulation system, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and optimizes blood pressure. It’s a healthy movement that increases fitness, reduces body fat and relieves stress.

iveta b

Iveta JanekovaProfile

I've spent my whole life training and gymnastics. I did not spend my childhood at the computer and mobile phone, but outside. I only got to exercise and training after the children. So it's never too late to start! I was fascinated by group cardio lessons, which I still teach today. Motto: Do what you enjoy the most! It's never too late to start.

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Barbora SvataProfile

Sport and movement is my daily task. At the age of 7 I started riding motocross and actively trained and raced until I was 14 years old. Since high school, I started attending group lessons. I built my first addiction to Jumping. This kind of sport with music is adrenaline and fulfillment for me. I took a jumping course and started leading my own lessons. Later, I became interested in the fitness exercises and individual workouts. I tried a number of lessons and exercise styles. I have found that this kind of work gives me energy and makes me happy. I thought this was the way I wanted to go. I completed a coaching course, sports seminars, nutrition seminars and started working as a coach and lecturer to the fullest. I love sports and my work, I like to spend time in nature, in the mountains and actively relax. I enjoy overcoming myself and working on my weaknesses.

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Kamila LangerovaProfile

My name is Kamila and if you have a strong will - training with me will give you the physics of dreams. If you do not have a strong will, I will still force you to the Olympic performances.

Kristyna TeplaProfile

I have been involved in sports since childhood and it mainly means relaxation and cheerful people around me. I started transferring my experience at university as a snowboarding instructor at the Bílá ski area in the Beskydy Mountains. I fell in love with the mountains in every season, and after starting work, I had them as a destination more and more often. My feet took me to the B7 mountain marathon, where we finished 3rd in the category. My favorite indoor activity for me is Krav Maga and compensatory yoga or pilates. During regular training, it was confirmed to me that the body is an incredibly powerful machine. However, we must listen to it well, and all the components must work just as well, because they are connected to each other. After completing the personal trainer course, I was more interested in training at-risk groups. Today I can help you with safe training during pregnancy and after childbirth. What do I like about sports and exercise? We never have to end it. We only choose a suitable physical activity corresponding to the current physical and mental state and mood. I agree with the motto: "The restrictions are for the people who have them, and the excuses are for the people who need them." "It's simple: If it shakes, it's fat." - Arnold Schwarzenegger